The Mummy: IMAX Accidentally Uploads Hilarious Unfinished Trailer

It is as if the curse of The Mummy is taking hold early. Everyone with at least a passing knowledge of cinema knows that movies can be a huge undertaking to make. This especially applies to blockbusters, where they can be easily judged early on when full context and a lack of finished effects can have a negative effect on what is to come. Of course, there are also inadvertent ways in which things can go wrong, but provide plenty of entertainment. This is exactly what happened with the latest from Tom Cruise.

Based on the recent teaser trailer, there have been varying thoughts on this upcoming supernatural adventure that brings back one of the classic Universal Monsters. However, these thoughts haven’t had to do with the simple hilarity involving what we hear.

That all changes now, as somehow the IMAX trailer for The Mummy was uploaded without its finished sound mix. This means audiences were only able to hear the actors vocal tracks and little else. The videos for this have been getting pulled down all over, but fortunately there are still working versions online (like the video above).

The Mummy: IMAX Accidentally Uploads Hilarious Unfinished Trailer


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