Thor Writer Reveals What He’d Change & What He’s Most Proud Of

Thor Writer Reveals What He'd Change & What He's Most Proud Of

One of the earliest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor did well at the box office (if not spectacularly by modern Marvel standards), and received a mostly warm critical reception as an enjoyable action blockbuster with standout performances from both Chris Hemsworth in the title role and Tom Hiddleston as the villainous Loki. Criticism was largely aimed at the amount of exposition the movie had to get through before finally kicking into life around the midway point.

Thor co-screenwriter Ashley Miller has now had his say on the movie – with the benefit of five years worth of hindsight – and has revealed the one thing he’d change if he could go back and make the movie again.

Miller, when he spoke with CinemaBlend, said the following about Thor:

“If there’s anything that I wish we could have done differently, I would have loved to have pumped up the battle with The Destroyer. I think that there was probably more to play there, and I think it was, again, difficult to realize on screen. Because that’s the moment of his [Thor’s] real transformation.”

Miller went on to describe his overall feelings towards the film, including the element that he’s most fond of, stating:

“The thing I’m most proud of with Thor is that it worked, and that people walked out of that theater loving Thor and seeing Thor the way I love him, and the way I see him.”

Thor Writer Reveals What He'd Change & What He's Most Proud Of

It’s always refreshing to hear one of the key figures behind a huge movie such as Thor speak honestly about what they’d change if given the chance, rather than remaining unerringly positive. Certainly, Thor‘s third act did receive criticism from some quarters. Even by early Marvel Studios movie standards, the climactic battle of Thor against The Destroyer is somewhat underwhelming, perhaps partly because it’s difficult to draw much emotion from what is essentially a walking suit of armor. The fight itself was also relatively brief, adding to Miller’s assertion that there was more to play on than the material that ultimately made the final cut.

Nevertheless, Thor laid part of the foundations for what has become one of cinema’s most successful franchises and made household names out of several of its cast members. As Miller himself suggests, the concept of a modern superhero blockbuster steeped in ancient mythology could easily have fallen flat on its face – but despite the odds, the movie worked and Thor’s adventures will continue in a third movie, Thor: Ragnarok, out next year.


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