Transformers: Steve Jablonsky Has Started Scoring The Last Knight

Transformers: Steve Jablonsky Has Started Scoring The Last Knight

While we can hope director Michael Bay brings some fresh ideas to Transformers: The Last Knight, there are some things that don’t change. Yes, for whatever reason, the film will feature the presence of King Arthur and Nazis, but you can also expect many returning actors, Transformers characters and much of the same filmmaking team to provide what audiences have come to expect from these movies. This also means hearing some familiar sounds.

A whole new writing team may have been put together in an attempt to move forward on a Transformers cinematic universe, but for this upcoming Bay film, there is still a place for his regular composter. Steve Jablonsky has scored the previous four Transformers films and while his involvement with The Last Knight is not surprising, his followers on Twitter just got an update.

Based on an image from Jablonsky’s Twitter feed, seen below, it appears the composer is now hard at work in putting a new score together. This includes what could be a new iteration of the theme for Optimus Prime (or the Primes in general), judging by the composition title seen in the image.

As mentioned, Jablonsky has largely been a regular for Michael Bay. Since 2005’s The Island, Jablonsky has scored all of Bay’s film, in addition to a number of films produced by Bay’s production company, Platium Dunes. Jablonsky is also known for his work on Desperate Housewives, numerous video games, including Gears of War 3, and other films for directors including Peter Berg, most notably. Whatever Jablonsky has going on currently for The Last Knight, it may not be too far from what has been previously heard.

This essentially means a score will do what it can to capture these giant robots in action once again, but without too much fanfare. Hopefully Jablonsky (or Bay) has some ideas of how to bring some freshness to the music of these films. Transformers 1-3 were notable for featuring songs from rock band Linkin Park and incorporating their sound into the feature. The second film, Revenge of the Fallen even gave the band a music credit for helping to score that film. This doesn’t necessarily go a long way in improving the quality of these movies, but that was a fun aspect to go along with making the Transformers series stand out in its own way.

Of course, it only matters so much when looking at the excess of this series. It will be hard to say this fifth entry could be the one that really works for everyone, quality-wise, but if there is more of an attempt to keep large ideas in check, perhaps audiences can take notice of things such as a score that tries to be more engrossing. It’s not a lot to hope for, but given the many involved in making films like this, it would be nice to see the work payoff.


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