Vincent D’Onofrio Wants to Be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

vincent donofrio guardians of the galaxy 3 Vincent DOnofrio Wants to Be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still a few months away from being released in theaters, with the latest teaser trailer dropping late last week, but already people are starting to talk about the third installment in the now beloved franchise. Obviously, practically nothing is known about Guardians of the Galaxy 3, including when in Marvel’s plan it may be slated right now, and if writer and director James Gunn will be returning for it or not. Even with all of that being said though, it looks like some actors aren’t afraid to show their excitement about being in that franchise already.

In fact, just recently, Firefly and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Alan Tudyk expressed his interest in playing a really crazy bad guy in the third Guardians film. Turns out, he’s not the only actor who wants Gunn to cast them in the film either, with a certain Marvel alum calling out the writer and director online today.

That actor is none other than The Kingpin himself, Vincent D’Onofrio, who tweeted his interest in playing a “far far out crazy character” in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to Gunn online earlier today:

Now, unlike Tudyk, D’Onofrio is already playing a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his role as Wilson Fisk in the first two seasons of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil. The actor has received critical and fan acclaim for his take on the beloved and iconic comic book villain as well, with his appearance in the show’s second season hinting at a possibly much larger role to play in the eventual third season. Until then though, it’s still a mystery as to when we’ll see Fisk onscreen again, if he’ll return in The Defenders, or if we won’t be seeing or hearing anything more about him until Daredevil season three.

In the meantime, it seems like D’Onofrio has his sights set on Guardians, though the chances of Marvel casting him in two different roles in the Cinematic Universe are slim, to put it lightly. It’s possible that Gunn could give him some kind of background, cameo role in disguise like he has with some actors previously, but that doesn’t necessarily sound like what D’Onofrio has in mind. Either way, it’s not hard to see why he might want to dip his toes in the Guardians franchise, even despite his pre-existing status in the MCU, with anticipation and hype for Vol. 2 starting to rival any other sequel Marvel has released to date.


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