Wedding Crashers 2 In Development, Says Isla Fisher

Wedding Crashers 2 In Development, Says Isla Fisher

Even in today’s franchise-driven age of Hollywood films, one genre that remains less likely to get sequels, prequels, and the like is the comedy. Horror is probably the genre most notorious for endless formulaic sequels, but action is also pretty prone to that syndrome, as is sci-fi. Yet no matter how successful a comedy is, a sequel never seems guaranteed. Granted, there are certain exceptions to this, such as the lengthy Police Academy and American Pie franchises. Still, they more prove the rule than anything else.

Another odd comedy-related phenomenon that has seemed to become much more common in the last couple of decades is that when a successful comedy does get a sequel, it doesn’t happen until many years after the fact. For example, Anchorman 2 hit theaters nearly a decade after the original, while Dumb and Dumber Too took a full 20 years to arrive. Now, it looks like the latest entry into this small but growing club of belated comedy sequels might end up being Wedding Crashers 2, at least according to actress Isla Fisher.

During an appearance on The Today Show to promote the film Nocturnal Animals, Fisher – who portrayed Gloria, the emotionally unstable love interest to co-lead Vince Vaughn in the original film – unexpectedly revealed that she had recently run into Vaughn at a party, and that he told her Wedding Crashers 2 was in fact in the works. Here’s Fisher’s full quote (via Cinema Blend):

“I bumped into Vince Vaughn at a party and he said apparently we are going to be making a sequel. I’m excited to see what happened to Gloria.”

Wedding Crashers 2 In Development, Says Isla Fisher

Before any nostalgic Wedding Crashers fans get too excited though, Fisher backpedaled a bit when pressed on the topic, stressing that she wasn’t aware of any deals having yet been done. That said, one assumes that Vaughn would be in a better position to know whether a sequel was being developed than anyone, as he and co-star Owen Wilson would clearly be the first names on the studio call list should such a project even be on the radar.

If a Wedding Crashers sequel does indeed end up happening, one wonders just how many members of the all-star original supporting cast would return. Rachel McAdams’ star has grown exponentially since 2005, having just entered the MCU with Doctor Strange. Hollywood veterans Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour remains as busy as ever, lending their gravitas to a multitude of productions. Then there’s Bradley Cooper, who was still far from his current A-list status when he played McAdams’ jerk jock boyfriend in the first Crashers. If the group can all be reunited though, the magic may return along with them.

We’ll bring you more information on Wedding Crashers 2 as it becomes available.


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